Best Paladins For World of Warcraft Tier List?

It’s no secret that World of Warcraft is one of the world’s most popular games. Millions of players around the world spend countless hours every day playing this epic online role-playing game. And for good reason – it’s tons of fun! So, what are the best paladins for World of Warcraft? On this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the best paladins for World of Warcraft and ranking them according to their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also be providing insights on how each paladin can be used in different situations, as well as rankings of the best world of warcraft paladins overall. So stay tuned!

Maeve’s damage is good in short bursts

Maeve is a powerful damage dealer that can fit on most teams as an 8th character. Her kit is versatile and can be tailored to fit the playerstyle of the team. Her damage is good in short bursts and she’s good for crowd control and sustained damage. She’s best used in combos with other characters that have high burst damage or crowd control ability. Overall, Maeve provides a lot of value to the team as an 8th character.

Terminus’s ability deals 800 damage over 2s.

When it comes to paladins, no one is safe. That’s why Terminus, the new paladin legendary ability for World of Warcraft, has players worried. The ability deals 800 damage over 2s, which is enough to take down most opponents in one shot. While the ability may be powerful, it’s not invincible – players need to know how to use it properly if they want to succeed with it. Make sure your gear can handle the high amount of damage this ability can dish out, and remember to stay mobile to avoid getting caught in the blast zone. As always, stay tuned for more WoW news and updates so that you don’t miss out on any of the action!

Skye’s damage is useless in one on one fights.

Skye may look like a powerful support character on paper, but she’s actually one of the worst. Her damage is useless against stronger opponents, and her healing is woefully inadequate. Roups are the best way to use her, as they can heal allies and deal significant damage while remaining relatively safe. Unless you’re looking for a support character for high-level play, Skye is unlikely to be of much use to you.

Pip is a balanced character.

If you’re looking for a versatile and balanced character for World of Warcraft, Pip is the perfect pick! He can do well in any role, and has the stats and gear to succeed in most situations. His ability to outlast and damage his enemies makes him an ideal tank or support character. With careful planning, you can make Pip a powerful member of your team! So why not give him a try and see for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best paladins for World of Warcraft?

There are a few good paladins for World of Warcraft, and they include: Holy Paladins, Retribution Paladins, and Protection Paladins. Holy Paladins are great offensively because their abilities deal damage as well as heal people. Retribution Paladins are strong defensively because of their crowd control abilities and ability to do damage to multiple targets at once. Protection Paladins are also great for their defensive abilities, as well as their healing capabilities.

How do I choose the right paladin class for me?

Before choosing the right paladin class for you, it’s important to understand all of the pros and cons of each class. Once you have decided on your spec of choice, it’s also important to research which classes work well with that spec. This will help optimize your build for the best results. Some of the most popular paladin classes are: Holy Warrior (tank), Retribution Paladin (DPS), and Restoration Druid. However, any PALADIN class can be effective in-game, so don’t be afraid to try out different specs to see what works best for you. Just make sure to balance your playstyle and gear choices along the way to achieve the most success.

Which talents should I prioritise when selecting a paladin character for World of Warcraft?

When it comes to selecting a paladin character for World of Warcraft, it is important to consider their talents and how they will benefit your group. For damage output, you should prioritise talents that give you increased damage output. This could include abilities that increase your melee or ranged damage output. For survivability, focus on talents that improve your armor and shield defenses. This will help you stay alive in enemy fire and shield yourself from damage. Additionally, make sure to read up on all talent trees in order to make the best choices for your character build. This will help you tailor your character to fit the role you want them to play on the battlefield.

Are there any other features to consider when choosing a paladin character for World of Warcraft?

When choosing the best paladin for World of Warcraft, you should first decide on your character’s role in the game. Healers, tanks, and damage dealers are all essential teammates and need your help in order to be successful. You can also choose a paladin if you want an all-around well-rounded character who can handle various situations. Additionally, you should think about which class is best suited for your playing style and what gear set would fit your playstyle.

Which classes would be best suited for PvP combat if I want to rank high on the leaderboard?

If you want to rank high on the leaderboard in World of Warcraft, then you should consider taking classes that would be best suited for PvP combat. These classes include Paladins and Warlocks. Paladins are a great class for PvP as they have many crowd control abilities like stuns and Polymorph which can easily take out enemies. Their armor provides good physical protection against enemy attacks. Warlocks are another class that would be well suited for PvP, as they have powerful spells such as Firestorm and Earthquake which can devastate opponents.


Maeve, Terminus, Skye, Pip – these are the best paladins for world of warcraft tier list. Maeve is the best damage-dealing paladin and Terminus is the best crowd control paladin. Skye is the worst paladin because of her damage and Pip is the best healer paladin.

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