How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag?

If you’re like most people, you probably have dozens, if not hundreds, of Xbox games crammed into your hard drive, but there’s one thing that’s always been a bit of a mystery – your gamertag. Gamertags are the unique names that you and other players use to identify yourself in Xbox games. They’re also the only way to prove that you’re actually the person who is registered to play the game. But what happens when you want to change your gamertag? Do you need to go through Microsoft or is there a way to do it on your own? This blog will answer all of your questions about how to change your gamertag for both Windows 10 and Xbox One. By the end of it, you’ll be able to change your gamertag with ease!

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag

Changing your Xbox gamertag can be a fun and exciting experience. All you need is the correct Microsoft account and password, and the xboxlive/accounts page. Once you have these items, follow these simple steps:

Requirements for Changing Your Xbox Gamertag

Changing your Xbox gamertag is a great way to personalize your profile and show off your gaming skills online. Here are the requirements you need to meet in order to change your gamertag: You need a current Microsoft account, and an Xbox One console. You can also use this process to change your name or photo on your profile page on the Microsoft website. Be sure to have the new gamertag ready before playing online games – if you’re having trouble, there are some tips available online that can help you out!

Things To Know Before Changing Your Xbox Gamertag

Changing your Xbox gamertag is a great way to show your gaming personality in a new and exciting way. There are a few things you’ll need before making the change – an account, a new gamertag, and proof of identification. You can change your gamertag any time you want – just login to Xbox and open the GamesGuide . Once you’ve got everything ready, head to Change Gamertag on the main menu of Xbox One!

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag on Windows 10

Changing your Xbox gamertag is a great way to personalize your account and make it more unique. It’s also a great way to show your friends and followers that you’re a passionate gamer. To change your gamertag on Windows 10, follow these steps: Open the Xbox app (or Microsoft Edge), and click on “Manage Profile.” On the right hand side, under “Gamertags,” click on the “Change Gamertag” link. Enter your new gamertag and confirm it by clicking on “Save Changes.” You’re all set!

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag on Xbox One

Changing your Xbox Gamertag is a great way to personalize your experience and make your gamertag more unique. If you’re looking to make the switch, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. First, sign into the dashboard and then select My Games & Apps. From here, find your gamertag and hit Change Gamertag. Enter the new gamertag and hit OK. That’s it! Note that changing your gamertag will not affect your rank or gaming experience on Xbox One. So, why not go for something new and exciting?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Xbox gamertag?

To change your Xbox gamertag, follow these simple steps: 1) Log in to 2) Select Account 3) On the left hand side of the page, select Profile 4) Under “Your profile,” click Change gamer name 5) Enter your new gamagtag 6) Click Save Changes

What are the steps involved in changing my Xbox gamertag?

To change your Xbox gamertag, you first need to sign into your account and navigate to ‘My profile’. Once there, you will see the option to edit or create a new gamertag. Next, enter in your desired name and select whether or not you want it to be public or private. You can also choose a picture for your gamertag if you’d like. After making all of these preferences, hit ‘Save’ and wait for Microsoft’s approval before going live with your new tag!

Why is it important to keep my Xbox gamertag safe and secure?

Protecting your Xbox gamertag is important for a few reasons. For one, your gamertag is your online persona. If someone finds out your gamertag, they can access all the information associated with that account, like username, gamer points, and more. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to change your gamertag whenever you switch devices or accounts. This way, no one can link your gamertag to any of your other personal information.

How can I prevent others from using my old or new Xbox gamertag without permission?

There are a few ways that you can protect your gamertag and account from being used without your permission. 1. Change your gamertag: Changing your gamertag is the most secure option as no one will be able to see your old gaming credentials. You simply need to sign in to your account, navigate to profile > gamertag, change your gamertag, and confirm the new gamertag. 2. Disable your account: Disabling your account doesn’t let people use and play games with your Gamertag, but it does allow them to visit the “Forza Community” and view any of the activity you’ve done on that particular game. 3. Use a new (strong) password: Make sure to create a strong password that’s different from your gamertag or account name. This way, even if someone were to steal your gamertag or account, they would not be able to log in because they wouldn’t have the correct password.


Changing your Xbox gamertag is a common task that many gamers do at some point in their gaming career. Whether you’re looking to change it for a new game or just want a new gamertag to represent your gaming persona, following the steps outlined in this blog will help you get the job done. Make sure to read everything before starting, so that you know what to expect and don’t run into any trouble along the way. Happy gaming!

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