Websites That Every Gamer Should Bookmark

Do you like gaming? Do you like critiquing games? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then bookmark these three websites! These websites are the best places to find reviews of video games, board games, and tabletop games. MetaCritic, OpenCritic, and Board Game Atlas all offer detailed reviews of every game they review, as well as ratings and commenting from other gamers. This information can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a game, or if you want to critique a game that you have already purchased. So bookmark these websites and start gaming smarter today!

MetaCritic, OpenCritic, Board Game Atlas

Gamers are constantly looking for the best gaming experiences, and these websites are the perfect resources for them. MetaCritic is a website that rates video games based on their artistic and gameplay value. OpenCritic is a site that also rates video games, but focuses more on the critic’s experience with the game. Board Game Atlas covers all types of board games, from classic to contemporary styles. So, whether you’re a new gamer or an experienced one, bookmark these websites and start exploring the vast world of gaming!

Polygon Gaming Website

If you’re a fan of video games, then you’ll definitely want to check out Polygon Gaming Website. This website features reviews and ratings for different video games, as well as information about the gaming industry and various trends in the game market. OpenCritic is another great resource for gamers – it covers tabletop games too! Board Game Atlas is an invaluable online repository of information about board games. It provides ratings and reviews from both critics and players, making it a great place to start your research if you’re interested in picking up a new game or learning more about an existing one.

The GameZone Gaming Website

Gamers have plenty of options when it comes to content for their interests. Whether they are looking for critic reviews of new video games, information about the best board games, or detailed descriptions of all the latest tabletop gaming releases – there is a website that caters to their needs. Some good websites to check out include MetaCritic, OpenCritic, and BoardgameAtlas. All three offer great reviews and ratings on different types of video games as well as board and tabletop gaming products.

The Kotaku Gaming Website

If you’re a gamer looking for the best games out there, head over to Kotaku Gaming websites. These websites feature reviews from other gamers as well as ratings and reviews from respected gaming publications like MetaCritic and OpenCritic. This information is essential for gamers who want to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting their next game.

NextGen Player Website

NextGen Player is a website that offers gamers the best gaming reviews in the business. With an objective and unbiased editorial stance, they cover a variety of games, both old and new. Additionally, their database provides information on game genres as well as release dates and platforms. Keep these websites bookmarkmarked for future reference – you never know when you’ll find something useful!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best websites for gamers?

To bookmark the best websites for gamers, start by bookmarking This website provides comprehensive guides for different games and covers everything from game reviews to how to beat Dark Souls III on hard mode. Another great website that every gamer should bookmark is Rooster Teeth Productions. This website is dedicated to gaming videos and podcasts and features content such as reviews, game guides, live streams, and more! is another website gamers can bookmark for gaming news, reviews, and blog posts from experts in the industry. is a leading authority on PC gaming and often has reviews of the top games of the current year. is another website that every gamer should bookmark for its in-depth game coverage and lively gaming community. Other great websites for gamers include IGN, Polygon, and PCGamesN. All of these websites have features like reviews, gaming news, and game guides. You can also find a wide variety of articles on different topics such as Fortnite tips and tricks, how to beat Dark Souls III on hard mode,…and much more!

Which sites offer the best deals on gaming gear and software?

When it comes to gaming gear, sites like Steam and Amazon often offer amazing deals on video games, hardware and software. For software, check out places like GOG (Good Old Games), Humble Bundle, and The Humble Store. These companies often have seasonal discounts that gamers need to take advantage of!

What are some of the best websites to find information about gaming communities and forums?

As a gamer, you probably know that Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet. This site offers a great mix of gaming news, reviews and discussions. Additionally, be sure to check out Polygon and Kotaku for top notch gaming journalism. If you’re looking for information on specific games or genres, then visit GameSpot’s wiki page on that topic.

Which websites offer helpful tips and guides for new gamers?

Hardcore Gamer, New World Computing, and Best Games Online are all reliable websites that offer helpful guides and tips for new gamers. Hardcore Gamer offers a wide range of gaming content, from arcade games to console games, while New World Computing offers helpful guides and tips for gamers of all levels. Got Game is focused on different genres of gaming like action RPGs and strategy games, so you can find the right guide or article to help you out with your favorite game.

Do any of these websites offer special discounts or offers specifically designed for game enthusiasts?

All of the following websites offer deals and discounts specifically for gamers. Click the link to learn more about the specific offers – you won’t regret it! 1. GameStop: GameStop is a worldwide retailer of video games, gaming peripherals, and consumer electronics. As a gamer-focused store, they offer exclusive deals on games, gaming consoles, gaming devices, and more. 2. Steam: Steam is the world’s largest platform for playing over 75 million games online, including games for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms. They offer exclusive deals on games and game content every day. 3. Apple iTunes: Apple iTunes is a digital media store for purchasing music, television shows, movies, and apps. They offer special discounts and deals on games regularly. 4. Amazon: Amazon is a global retail giant that sells several different types of products related to video games. They have special deals on games and gaming devices every day.


If you’re a gamer, you need to bookmark these websites! MetaCritic, OpenCritic, and Board Game Atlas are three of the most respected gaming websites in the world, and they all have reviews of the best gaming websites. Not only that, but they also offer in-depth analysis of games, which can help you decide which game to buy or play. So bookmark these websites now and be well-prepared for all the gaming news and reviews that you need!

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